We, at Sports for Kids Timmins, want to thank you for your consideration in the past. Once again Sports for Kids Timmins is seeking donations to keep helping disadvantaged children involved in sport and recreation programs in Timmins. We are open to any kind of publicity or promotion you may desire with your donation.

In 2020 we helped 119 children for 149 sports/equipment  opportunities totaling $40,112.96. The average family income for 2020 is $20,540.00.

Sports for Kids Timmins mission is to help children between 4 and 18 years of age overcome economic barriers which limit or prevent their full participation in sport and recreation. We believe all kids should have the opportunity to play and to enjoy the many benefits of sport. We believe the ability to pay should not decide which children can play.

We are requesting that your service organization or business consider sponsoring a number of children each year through a generous and needed donation. Our grant is approximately $350.00 per child per year. We have a presentation explaining the program to present to your organization, if necessary.

No act of kindness is too small to be undertaken or appreciated. The children of Timmins count on your kindness.

Sports for Kids Timmins, what a better way to keep someone’ memory then to assist a child to participate in sport.


 Bequest Brochure: Bequest-Pamphlet-2021-Timmins



Thank you to HGS who donated money raised during the Kayak Festival this year.




  Thank you to the Aston Family and Friends. They donated money rather then receiving gifts for their son’s birthday party. This shows that kids can help kids be able to play a sport.