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Physical address: 396 Theriault Blvd, Timmins, Ontario Lower Foyer Sportsplex Arena

Mailing address: P.O.Box 732 , Timmins, Ontario P4N 7G2

Phone: 705-268-1112 Fax: 705-268-3113

Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday: 9:30 am- 2:30 pm  through email or phone message for appointments only no drop ins. 

Office reopens August 11th for in person applications Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30 to 1:30 pm at the Sportsplex arena lower foyer for fall and winter sports. Applicants need to email or call leaving your name and phone number or email to make an appointment prior to coming. We will email or call with a time and date. The door will be locked and only one adult can come into the office. We will unlock the door and you must sanitize your hands before entry and be wearing a mask. Please ensure you bring or email your 2019 Notice of assesement for all adults supporting the child along with pay stubs for the month prior to the application. 

All dance applications closed and any sport that the registration is before August 15th closed. 



You must apply for all sports opportunities and children at the same time. 

Please click here for the Application:  APPLICATION 2020 word APPLICATION 2020 PDF 

                                                                          APPLICATION-FRENCH-2020  APPLICATION 2020 – FRENCH

 You require your 2019 Notice of assessment and paystubs or social assistance for the month prior to the application.


Activities from January 1 – March 31: Deadline for applications is December 15.  

Activities from April 1 – August 31: Deadline for applications is March 10th. 

Activities from Sept 1 – Dec 1: Deadline for applications is August  10th.

Amounts will not be changed or sport changed after the application is adjudicated. You cannot reapply for another child in the same year after your first application. All children must be applied for at the same time. Also applications not accepted after registration of the sport your are applying for is closed.

Parents of applicants must ensure they register their child with the sports organisation on their registration dates as no spots are held for Sports for Kids Timmins applicants. Call the organisation for registration dates.

When you apply to Sports for Kids Timmins, the registration of the child and the use of the vouchers before the expiry date is the parent’s responsibility.  Also you are to notify the office that you have not used the voucher.


Sports for Kids  Timmins Pamphlet Please click link to view documents: 

Pamphlet 2020 Pamphlet  2020.docx French.docx 

   Sports for Kids Timmins  WELCOME TO SPORTS NIGHT

    Cancelled for 2020 due to Covid-19 and will be held in 2021 date to be announced!


Lever Sullivan 30th Anniversary July 2021 Hollinger Golf Course 


Sports for Kids 2020 Membership Sports-for-Kids-Membership.doc-2020.docx

Progress Reports

      Please click link to view the report:


Watch this short video clip explaining how Sports for Kids Timmins works.


For more information about Sports for Kids Timmins please contact the office at

(705) 268-1112 or by email: sportsforkidstimmins@gmail.com